Who’s In Charge?!

How to tell who’s in charge – you or your dog:

  • If your dog is jumping whilst you are preparing his food.
  • If he is eating bit by bit.
  • If he stops eating when you come close.
  • If when he is eating if you come closer he will growl.
  • If he is jumping on people as soon as you open the front door.
  • If he is jumping on the sofa without being invited.
  • If he barks, growl or nips anyone in the house.
  • If he will bring you a toy but won’t let you have it.
  • If during the day he has very excited moments.
  • If he barks at the mailman.
  • If he chews your mail.
  • If he chews your wooden furniture.
  • If he is destroying your house.
  • If he is looking at a window and barks at people or dogs passing by.
  • If he is barking or whining without a reason.
  • If he follows you in the house.
  • If he will bark or whines when you leave the house.

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these points then the dog is definitely in charge!!!

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